A complete guide to building an above-ground swimming pool

Finding a solution to spending more time as a family, probably continuing to keep your kids or grandchildren active and busy, figuring out a way to chill out and unwind yourself, or maybe a technique to exercise? Well, we think taking a plunge into your new backyard pool could tackle them all. But how and where do you make a start from? We’re here to reduce your worries and guide you through the process.

Understand how to select materials, gear up the site, establish the pool, fit the accessories and a lot more. We’re talking about above-ground pools, these offer everything that an in-ground pool can but with a far significant economy, installation pace and above all convenience. An in-ground pool is a costly affair taking up to approximately three months for project completion, whereas an above-ground pool can be assembled and be ready to use in as little as a day.

So let’s get started!

DIY floating shelf ideas to add some extravagance to your space

Floating shelves are a trending stylish solution in the design world. They are no sweat to install and hence are a great DIY pick for the art and craft lovers. In fact, a floating shelf can instantly elevate your room for storage without really purchasing a huge chunk of furniture. They don’t really demand much space,  any blank wall or even a corner, there’s a floating shelf idea for all over. Besides being functional, these add great style to your space. Not to mention, they add value to an otherwise blank wall. Read on to discover this smart trick to add some elegance to your storage space.

Create a fun and fabulous play area for kids in your backyard with these ideas

Struggling to make your kids ditch those video games and soak up some fresh air? Give your kids an outdoor space where they can explore and have some good-time play. Playing outdoors and spending some quality time in nature is a necessary part of one’s childhood. Kids these days are forced to stay indoors and are left with technology or smartphones as part of their play and adventure. They need an exciting, engaging and enjoyable outdoor play area to attract and ensure hours of outdoor fun.

Scroll down for some inspiring play area ideas to give your kid’s screens some heavy competition. 

Types of kitchen islands to fit every kitchen size

You might not recognize the number of options there are pertaining to kitchen islands. After all, how diverse can they be from one another, really? Well, we are here to familiarize you with different kitchen island types that differ widely from each other. From simple and affordable to complex and pricey to fixed islands to portable ones, there’s a kitchen island to accommodate every need. Irrespective of the kitchen island type you choose, ensure the placement is functional because even the best island won’t be helpful if placed awkwardly or is too huge for a space.

Keep reading to know about various kitchen island styles and what really fits your requirement.

Perfect outdoor bar ideas to steal for your backyard

If you are someone who’s looking to take your outdoor parties to the next level, you are at the right place. Whether an extension of your outdoor kitchen or a standalone feature, upgrading your backyard or garden space to an outdoor bar can make it your favourite hangout destination. Your outdoor bar can be as simple or fancy as you want and it can also be a buy-it or DIY-it, as per your interest and budget.

Spending some time outdoors can be an instant stress-buster and there’s no better way to relish your evenings and holidays in a stylish atmosphere right out of your doors. Small backyards or huge garden areas, we’ve got you covered with stunning outdoor bar ideas to transform your home into your favourite staycation.

Reasons to opt for a stock tank pool in your holiday homes

Diving into the pool or splashing around in them on summer days or during your holiday stays can surely be fantastic. However, putting up an above-ground or an in-ground pool also calls for a four or five figure expense. Moreover, while you are away from your holiday homes, maintaining these pools could be a concerning task. To make your holiday homes more fun-loving and exciting, you may want to consider a stock tank pool that’s functional as well as an attractive DIY pool alternative.

Stock tank pools aka plunge pools, trough pools or cowboy pools are popping up all over the social media, magazines, and may be even in your neighbor’s courtyard. These are actually fun, affordable and an easy way to set up a pool in your outdoors without much distress. Having said that, we are here to give you reasons to opt for a stock tank pool for your next outdoor project in your holiday homes.