Water bodies in your residential compound are therapeutic

As one of the four elements, water has long been a celebrated icon of purity and peace. While it has traditionally been associated with magical outdoor settings, its harmonious effects inside the home can cast a spell of equal proportion.

Brighten your luxury villa with skylights

Are you inclined towards having your room brighten up naturally? Put on a skylight! The best way to describe a skylight would be, a natural source of light and an energy-saving alternative. Apart from lighting up your room with a classy appeal, they are also an organic way of changing the ambience of your luxury rooms.

Lights, colours, ventilation, and lesser electricity bills! What more could one ask for? However, installing them could be tricky and so here are some ways on how you could use skylights to create an incredible setting.

Staircase styles you cannot miss to have in your luxury villa

When it comes to remodeling or even constructing a house, making one design choice leads to what seems like a list of tasks. What colour and pattern should be the paint? Which kitchen tile would you like? 

The staircase too is an essential element of any home that has more than one floor. Undoubtedly it’s the same when it comes to selecting the staircase. You’ll need to think about the style of steps, shapes, banisters, risers, and the list goes on.

Staircases provide a specific kind of visual appeal and take up a good amount of your space and so picking the right type and style of stairs is particularly important. Read on to know the popular types of stairs, ranging from straight to spiral to curve designs and create an eye-catching stairway for your luxury villa.

7 great tips for setting up outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have gained popularity these days as they let you enjoy cooking and dining outside with your loved ones. It considerably increases your outdoor activity and entertainment and serves as a place where you and your family can relax across tables. The best thing about having an outdoor kitchen is that you can enjoy cooking amidst the nature and fresh air instead of an enclosed environment.

These days, there are plenty of options available to help you create your dream outdoor kitchen with modular units and accessories, modified as per your likings and budget. We hope these ideas and inspirations will help you see your kitchen in reality sometime sooner and easier.

Stunning wooden ceiling designs that will leave you speechless

Are you thinking of ways to make your home look unique? Painting your walls and paying attention to your floors is definitely the key to an enchanting home, but the crown of every room in the house – the ceiling, needs some love too. There are a number of ways to add some glow to your ceilings, from paints to wallpapers to false ceilings, the list goes on. Having said that we’d like to focus on wooden ceilings and the variety of designs you can pick to add style to your ‘fifth wall’.

Wood is a natural warm material and emits a pleasant fragrance, giving your home a delightful natural aroma. From rustic to modern and everything between, there is a wooden ceiling for all. We have gathered some ideas and inspirations for you to get going, keep reading!

10 curtain ideas to add richness to your luxury villa

Curtains may seem to be just window dressings but putting up the right set adds a finishing touch to every room. Besides they also provide sun protection and a sense of privacy. While curtains may not take up much of the physical space in any room, they have the power to make or break your room based on what you choose.

With the variety of patterns, styles, colours, materials, and sizes available to outfit your windows, you can find the perfect curtains for your needs. Read on for ideas to drape your windows with the ultimate fabrics.

6 best ways to make your home Diwali ready during the pandemic

The festival of lights is right around the corner. It is that time of the year when friends and family go mall hopping, making multiple visits to the store and busy preparing for the festival.

However, with the pandemic and the social-distancing norms, Diwali 2020 might look a little out of the ordinary. Considering the risk and the number of cases increasing, staying indoors is the wisest option. Having said that, you can still brighten the festive mood with these easy hacks and make your home ready for the festivities even during the Covid era.