Villas & Apartments for Sale in Goa
Over a decade, Rio has created a number of unique projects across Goa.

Our Villas & Apartments are built with the elements in mind that are essential for every high end home... be it style, design or comfort. We have created a strong portfolio allowing you to find exactly what you're looking for. All our Villas & Apartments have been designed with a high rental appeal to maximize your ROI, whether it's our Beachside Properties or Villas with Private Pools.

Mediterranean elevations and modern interiors coupled with tropical landscape is our very own signature.

Based in Goa, RIO HOMES has attracted buyers from all over the world.


We believe that design and space planning are very important aspects of home building. At Rio we go beyond that by creating a style statement... A home that you fall in love with! An address that you take pride in.

Each home is carefully crafted to perfection. Our projects are not just designed to look good, but also integrated and optimized to enhance the usability of elements that are a part of every premium home.

With Design elements of Classic Architecture, our landscape provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere that lets you be one with nature

Award winning architects from India and abroad help us achieve the vibe that we crave to create.

Competent civil engineers and contractors back the entire development process.

SHL ASIA our Bali based Architects are renowned for their tropical landscape deisgns across asia.

Guarantee & Warranty

  • Best quality
  • On time delivery
  • Best Locations
  • Clear title properties
  • 8% appreciation p.a
  • 6-8% ROI p.a


  • 10 years on structure
  • Tiles and door fittings -1 year
  • Water pumps -2 years
  • Water proofing - 5 years
  • Bath fittings - 5 years
  • Paint - 5 years
  • Windows - 5 years
  • Electricals - 1 year


Our well trained and dedicated staff ensures that your home is well maintained at all times.

Rental Mgmt

We offer each client the possibility of a hassle-free investment by entrusting all rental management to Rio Holiday Homes - our rental vertical. If you choose to entrust the management of your property to RHH, you get the assurance of a high rental yield.

You can enjoy a safe, profitable and attractive investment with us!

Why Invest in Goa ?

In 2019, for the first time, Goa became one of the most popular destination in Asia, according to trip advisor traveller choice
The Indian economy is booming. In 2018, the country’s economy grew by 7% and Goa reached even higher levels. This growth is expected to continue for many years to come. Be part of the rise of this new Asian Dragon!
More than 9 million tourists visited Goa in 2018, gaining over 25% in 2 years.
The property market in Goa is on an upswing over the last decade due to the increasing tourist influx in the state. The sales of luxury Villas & Apartments is driving the Real Estate market in Goa.

Over the last few years demand for luxury Villas & Apartments have been increasing due to various reasons. They offer larger space at an affordable price, private pools, outmost privacy, personal attendants and flexible check-in and check-out time have made holiday homes as a favorable option.

Looking at this trend major portals like, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo and others are also now offering Luxury Villas & Apartments as an option to hotels.

We estimate this trend to continue rising in future with more key players like Marriott International launching online platform to host Villas & Apartments as holiday homes.

Return On Investment


Planning to invest in Goa?
In property transactions, calculating your rental return is crucial. Depending on the property market, average return may vary. For instance, the average gross return in Mumbai and Delhi is below 4%, whereas it reaches 8% in Goa.


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