September 2020 - Rio

Measures to keep your Luxury Home electrically sound

Electricity has become a significant part of our lives. Use of electrical appliances are almost an everyday routine but many times we tend to forget the risks associated with their use. Every year several cases of home electrical fires are reported in the country that causes damage to lives and property. However, most of these house fires or electrocutions can be prevented by taking necessary precautions.

We have got you a list of simple home electrical safety tips to protect your home and family.  Take some time to brush on the basic electric safety principles and ensure your family members are also aware of them.

10 best indoor plants to brighten up your space

Plants complete the style and vibes of any place and add a natural element of freshness, which is difficult to attain with any decor or accessory. Plants are not just attractive and soothing to look at, but also help purify and de-stress the area it’s kept in.

If you are looking to add a little zen to your home decor, here are few houseplants that can transform your spaces unimaginably:

5 amazing pool deck decorating ideas for your luxury home

Every luxury home has a different vibe in various sections of the house where everyone heads to relax after a long tiring day. But along with a beautiful luxury home having a luxury pool is a win-win.

Whether you use it to gather your friends and family or just to store pool accessories, considering its decor is as essential as your own villa. There are tons of ideas and ways to style and design your pool, so we’ve put together some best tips to decorate and make it look more appealing.

Design Your Kid’s Bedroom – Add Fun & Magic to their Space

“Childhood is a part of life that creates beautiful memories”

Creating a fun space for your little prince and princess can be a unique challenge, especially if you are dealing with a cricket fan or a barbie lover.  Another challenge to consider is having rooms that grow and adapt as your children mature.

Before you begin, here’s a golden rule to remember – spot your little one’s current preferences and future needs. This trick will ensure you plan a room that will last for or at least demands reconsideration after about five years. Such level of planning also helps in making it functional for you as parents. Check-out these kids bedroom ideas for a healthy dose of inspiration:

6 simple ways to create a relaxing bathroom

Your bathroom can be an oasis where you step in and leave all your worries and stress at the door. It doesn’t need you to shed a bulk of money to have a luxury and calming bathroom, with a few simple steps and care, be ready to meet your own zone of tranquility.

An easy guide to get familiar with Real Estate Terms

Owning or buying a property is a basic necessity. Each industry or sector has its own jargon and so does the real estate industry. Being unaware of these jargons can add layers of confusion to the buying or selling process. So before you begin with your house-hunting, here’s a list of terms to be well-versed with. These below mentioned terminologies are a handy source of information for real estate agents and home buyers or sellers.