Spectacular waterfall trekking trails in Goa for a fascinating time in nature

The land of sun, sand, and sea, is always buzzing with tourists from around the globe due to the mesmerizing beaches, landscapes, nightlife, flea markets, and seafood. Apart from these, Goa also has some fabulous inland locations that are ideal for thrilling day hikes. While the summers in Goa are excellent for vacations, winters for party lovers, monsoons are definitely for nature and adventure lovers.

The trekking destinations in Goa offer spectacular views with some magnificent waterfalls and tropical forests which are sure to make your trekking experience a pleasant and memorable one. Here are some beautiful spots to go trekking in Goa.

Have an extra room? Here’s what you can use it for

Most homes have a spare room that is either kept for the future kids, a guest room which remains vacant most of the time,  a room for the servant or ultimately as a store room.

Well, since our needs and preferences keep changing with time, having an extra space is more of a blessing. If you are wondering what can be done with that extra room, there’s a lot that you can do to make it more enhancing and functional. 

Whether you have just moved into a bigger house, or your kids have grown up and moved out, or have a rarely used dining space; here are some ideas to consider and make the most of that extra space. 

Pooja room designs to steal for your luxury residence

These days there’s so much emphasis on emotional stability and mental wellbeing. Dedicating a few moments to yourself, to rejuvenate your mind and body from the routines of everyday life, would simply be a great stress buster to keep your mind in balance. Having said that, there is nothing more perfect than the traditional pooja and meditation rooms to serve the purpose.

Small mandir or pooja rooms are a fundamental part of most Indian homes. Whether you own a luxurious home with ample space or dwell in apartments, we’ve got some pooja room design layouts for every space. Read on, your ultimate worship room could be one of these.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect bedroom rugs

Putting on a rug is the easiest way to upgrade the interiors and transform any room’s look. Single coloured, stripes, floral, or even a shaggy one, there’s plenty of options when it comes to rugs. But before you consider buying one, you need to look into the room, size, shape, style, and overall theme to establish the magnificent and eye-catching look. 

Well, adding a rug to your bedroom has a whole lot of advantages. It serves as a great sound buffer, can mask scratches or stains, as well as provides warmth to the feet on cooler days. Deciding which rug is right for your room involves several significant factors and so here’s what you need to consider before you go rug-hunting!

Tips to keep your home cool this summer

Summer is here, some days it’s barbecues, beach cricket, and some cool dips in the pool. However, there are days the harsh heat isn’t that fun. All you wish to do is crank the AC or take a seat in front of the nearest fan. Definitely an air conditioner is an absolute requirement during the summers. But if you are looking for some natural ways to chill and refresh your homes as well as cut down your electricity bills, here are some hacks to keep your dwellings cool this summer. 

Ways to organize under the kitchen sink for a clean kitchen

Gloomy, compact, exposed pipes, and garbage – it may be the most disorganized spot in your house right now. If you have a mess under your kitchen sink, there’s no need to worry. Organizing the area under the sink isn’t that difficult as you think. No matter how big or small your kitchen sink cabinet is, we’ve got some creative ways to make storage happen. Read on. 

Home Decor Ideas for 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected most lines of businesses and the home space is not an exception. As most people spent their entire year indoors, it demanded many of them to reconceptualize their home spaces to meet the requirements of the new normal. Whether it indicated developing and creating a functional home office or designing a space for zoom calls or online learning, every area of your home space called for an upgrade. 

Having said that, we picked up some emerging home decor trends of 2021 from home design experts and we’re sure you are going to love them.

Beach-bag essentials for a trouble-free vacation in Goa

No doubt Goa is a perfect ‘anytime’ beach vacation. Nothing beats letting work off and enjoying a relaxing trip to Goa. After all it is the most relaxing and fun destination with all the sun, sand, and sea around. But are you planning a trip to Goa this summer? To ensure you have the perfect beach vacation, you need to have the right beach bag with all your essentials (heya, sunscreen!). Take the stress out of your trip with these beach-bag essentials, you won’t regret buying.