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Destinations in Goa made famous by Bollywood

With lush green landscapes, beaches, forts, churches, temples, casinos, cruises, structures featuring the Portuguese era heritage, Goa is undoubtedly the perfect one-stop travel destination for all. There is something about this place that attracts Bollywood and eventually us too! With each film we have seen different sides to the place, even though it has played a momentous part in many movies, we see a new Goa each time Bollywood explores it, inspiring movie buffs to view the spots in person.

Here’s a list of movies with the quirky locations in Goa that Bollywood chose to shoot at.

Contemporary TV & entertainment unit design ideas for your grandeur abode

Living room is the one place that the whole family devotes time to be together and the major spotlight is the entertainment through television. May it be your family, friends, or your distant relatives visiting you for the first time, the living room would be your prime sedentary whereabouts and adding to its grandeur would be your contemporary TV & entertainment unit.

For a modern TV design you could always go for a wall mounted television with a clean white background to it. Either with white patterned tiles or a single light coloured wall setting. To keep it as neat as possible leave the rest of the area with as minimal work as manageable, just adding a couple of floating drawers below for easy access to TV accessories.

For a compact area where you definitely need some storage space, wall cabinets with glass doors that go up to the ceiling might be your go to option. Install them to the sides of your television set and add a low lying counter below for some extra space. A more sleek and stylish look would be having a glass counter or floating glass shelves set up. These could also hold your gaming units and home theatre systems.

You could go for a complete wooden makeover, with wooden panelling just behind your floating television and add to it wooden sideboards giving a whole new vintage rustic look and is also a classic way to bring in the nature. Select a full fledged wall mount and add to the shelves some fine books and a couple of house plants and complete the alluring aesthetic of your entertainment unit. Pick wooden shelves or cabinets with varying depths set in contrasting heights designing a 3D entity and an off the wall look. 

With an artistic outlook and love for photography, you could lay out wooden frames that carry your creative work or masterpieces from the world. Furthermore, these frames can also exhibit your sweet family moments.

If you are looking for some unique back panel ideas, you could opt for stone-finished wall tiles or for an even splendour look go for granite or marble finished wall. Stone wall cladding or brick veneer wall are also great ways to give your TV unit an extraordinary look.

For an antique look, bring home a wooden trunk box of the right size that fits your TV space. You can make this your TV unit stand which also offers an extra storage area. Dress it up with some ancient textured fabric along with some old ornaments, artifacts, or historic fangled showpieces.

Playing with lights can never go wrong with your entertainment unit. Strips of small LED lights cornering around your television’s background setting, or a couple of multi coloured focus lights that emphasizes the particular pieces and frames that hold value. 

Plan your TV & Entertainment sets beforehand and for the long term, if you settle for a stone wall or a top to bottom showcase or cabinet, you will want it to be in order prior to designing the whole space.

DIY home decor ideas that you can create with your kids

The pandemic has led to most of us staying at home and spending more time with the family. With online schools and absence of outdoor play, children’s parties and their other activities, kids might start to feel a little dull. Well, if you are struggling to come up with new ways to keep your little ones entertained, there are a dozen of activities you can do at home and one of them is right below. 

Kids have a very rich imagination and we’ve got you some interesting ideas to keep them busy as well as create some amazing DIY home decor.

Ways to upgrade and spruce up your front verandah

Trying to sell your home or just thinking of giving it an upgrade? The little things can go a long way and it’s no different for your front verandah. The front of your house plays an essential role in your dwelling’s appeal. Some captivating colours, unexpected embellishments, simple hardware switches, is all you need to spruce up your front porch.

We’ve pulled some simple and creative ways to give the face of your home a fresh and fascinating look. 

Why is Location an Important Factor while Buying a House?

Location is a common mantra when it comes to buying a home. The importance of a property’s location in the real estate sector cannot be emphasized enough. Most home buyers often consider the construction of a house and its appeal as their prime focus.

The location of your house is a factor that influences and impacts the value of it. Giving up your dream home for a good location should definitely be your thumb rule while buying a house. You can always get a home reconstructed as per your expectations and needs but the location cannot get changed. Your house locale can have an effect on your everyday life, so before you get into what to consider when selecting the location, let’s take a look at why the venue holds such significance. 

Home architectural styles explained. What style is your dream house?

A dream house is something most people look forward to once in their lifetime. All of it from the materials used to clad a house, to the size, style, texture, shape of the overall house, doors and windows, right down to the way a roof should slope and the minute decorative details are of the essence when it comes to your dream house.

Well, there are generous amounts of architectural home styles ranging from historical resemblance to modern interpretations. Take a look around the globe and you’ll find almost countless options. 

The beauty of creating and having a customized dream house is having the freedom to pick your perfect home style. With so many types of house styles to choose from, we’ve got you covered with the most popular architectural styles. Our guide is definitely an essential read if you are looking to renovate or build a luxury dream home with a touch of foreign home styles.

Stylish Coffee Shop Ideas for an Extravagant Kitchen

Nowadays coffee shops can be said to be an epitome of décor and embellishment. Without a doubt the décor or interior design of a coffee shop or any place for that matter reflects the ideas that go behind that place and captivates the audience for another visit. Here are a few coffee shop ideas to bring to your kitchen for an extravagant look.

Ways to enhance the value of your home – Impress Buyers

The objective of any property investment is to boost its value. Perhaps as a smart house owner, you may visualize your home as not only a dwelling place but one of the prime ways to increase the return on investment on your property over a long period of time. A property appreciation is usually determined based on certain fixed and variable factors. While you need to consider and analyse fixed factors at the time of buying, you can always improve and modify variable factors to enhance the value of your home in the future. 

Fixed factors generally include – the location of the home, exterior design and look, amenities and facilities. Variable elements usually refers to – interiors, maintenance, painting, essential provisions, etc. Though the location and area of the house will influence the worth of your property, these variable factors can have a great impact on your homes and increase its value. Let’s take a look at some relevant home improvement ways that can enhance the value of your home.