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Roof shapes and materials for your luxury abode

Heading towards having your dream luxury villa? Here’s all you need to know about roofing to ensure you end up with the best roof over your head.

There’s a whole lot of choices when it comes to roof styles and materials. When you choose a style, you may think of its visual impact. However, even though looks matter, it is essential to consider its durability, quality, and utility. 


How to make your luxury dwellings pet-friendly?

Pets are humanizing. They remind us, we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.

– James Cromwell

Thinking of getting a furry little companion home? Before you bring them home, you need to confirm that your house is safe and comfortable for your furry, feathered, and finned friends. Once they are home, we’re sure you are going to end up taking them to pricey daycares or even pamper them with pawdicures! Apart from these little luxuries, keeping your pets healthy and happy should also be a priority. Here’s how you can make your luxury dwellings pet-friendly for your fuzzy little friends. 

Elegant ways to transform the corners in your home into gorgeous ones

“Corners are very important in life, because you can’t see what is hidden beyond the corner! Those who are good at handling corners in life easily triumph in the world!”-Mehmet Murat ildan. What you do with these corners is really important, in life, and in your homes.

Scroll down for some fascinating and quirky ideas to transform your corners into something useful as well as beautiful.

L’s the way to go! It could be as simple as that. If you want to make use of every space in a given corner, you use every inch of that angle then. Either cabinets or shelves to increase the storage space, or turn the unused space into a working corner with an L shaped desk.

A reading space might be a go to option for all the bibliophiles out there. With a settee or a bean bag tucked to one side, corner zig zag wood shelves to hold your books and a floor lamp you are set to freshen up your reading experience.

If it’s a kitchen corner that you are looking to bring into play, cabinets with V shaped drawers to align with the angle would work in your favour giving you that extra space for your crockery. If your cabinet runs up all the way to the ceiling, you could also have a built in wall oven as an option to choose from. The countertop occupying a corner can be used to confine electric appliances or adding a few shelves above it will fetch you extended storing capacity.

For all you telecommuters out there, an unused space could be turned into the perfect home office. With almost the space of two desks at your hand, an L shaped desk could easily acquire enough room for your desktop, files and other essentials. Add a rotating swivel chair and you are just good to go!

Nature lovers could restyle using tiered plant stands to bring in those exotic houseplants. You might also use wooden ledges and plant hooks or hangers to design your hydroponic gardening.

To make use of a corner at the entrance or hallway you might want to consider a mudroom with a shoe rack and a coat hanger. You could also go for a family command centre by having mail slots, calendar, message boards, and wall key holders.

For gamers, you can pick a corner and set up your game table. Pair it with a small banquette or add some chairs. Showcase your wooden chess board, or set up the carrom board and  your little cozy gaming nook is ready to kick start. 

For the art lover in you, turn a corner in your living room into a little art gallery. Small and large, colourful art pieces, wall murals, sculptors, framed posters or pictures, hang them all as per your taste for a beautiful and vibrant corner. 

Whether you add exclusive furniture pieces, art, plants, or a fascinating shelf, each one is sure to add some charm to your interiors. 

Pick up your favourite idea and build up an eye-catching corner!

Steal these ideas for a beautiful spa-like bathroom in your luxury villas

After a long tiring day, there’s nothing better than having a spa-like experience to calm your body and mind. Having said that, who wouldn’t mind having a soothing sanctuary completely at home?

Your bathroom is a personal space where you can loosen and relax yourself to de-stress. All you’ll need are a few features and details to be taken care of to capture a spa-like setting. Well, if you are ready to have a spa facility right at your home, dive in for some tremendous ideas.

Throw an outdoor party with a beachy vibe in your luxurious abode

The ambience of any party relies on the décor of the location and what better way to bring up the beach vibes than with your very own do it yourself decorations. You could have some knotted rope coasters for your guests to lay their refreshment on.

As centrepiece candles of varied ocean themes: seashell candles- a tea light candle placed in different shaped and coloured seashells; Lighthouse candles could be candle holders on the top or a lantern from the inside. On the balustrades of your balcony or your fence pickets, shells and starfishes décor could be wrapped or tied around using nautical ropes to attain an instant dose of marine serene. Your cocktail tables could have fishnet jars and in it you could go with simple coastal floral.

A beachy vibe is incomplete without sand. Choose a corner in your backyard and put in some sand, seashells, and a weathered ‘beach’ sign.

Another great idea to go with would be a terrarium to kick in the ocean vibes. Mini terrariums in long neck glass jars or burgundy glasses might just be the perfect garnish for a cool summery afternoon at the beach aura.

Bring in some beach sunshades or umbrellas to increase the aesthetic look of your party. They would work as a creative décor item and also cushion against the sunburst. Instead of beach umbrellas you could also choose to bring in bigger shaped bamboo thatched canopy working better at shade and as a shelter for your finger foods and beverages. Depending on the theme of your party you could go for an ice cream sundae bar for a morning party or make it a night party with a bonfire in full swing.

It’s important that you play with the right colours to build the beachy atmosphere. Turquoise with coral or white rustic wooden backgrounds would be some combinations for you to consider.

Lay down artificial palm fronds as your placemats to just give in the topical look. The seating layout could include a low level Japanese dining table with cushions for the guests to make themselves comfortable around it. Though a rope hammock would be a discomfort to enjoy food, you can always have them in your backyard for the kids to play around or for the adults to relax and enjoy their drinks.

Food is after all the highlight of every party. You could go for an all oceanic menu by having crab cakes, oyster cookies, tropical fish jelly cups and also croissant crab sandwiches! To make it more refreshing, add some thirst-quenching drinks with watermelon, pineapple, lemon, or mango flavours to ensure your guests stay hydrated. Serve cocktails like boozy punch or a sangria in coconut shell cups with some fancy paper umbrellas and straws.

We’ve spilled all the expert tips on throwing the perfect beach party. So crank up your playlist and grab your beach party wear and get started with an unforgettable party for you and your guests in your own backyard.

Give your kitchen a new luxurious look with these perfect upgrades

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And to own a luxury kitchen is everyone’s wish. Here are some must haves to enhance your luxury kitchen experience: