Steal these unexpected wood textures to spruce up your kitchen

Planning a kitchen from scratch or just implementing a remodel is an exciting task. The best thing to kick start is by choosing materials, and one kitchen material that is inescapable is wood. From cabinets to floors to countertops, bringing wood to your kitchen can surprisingly create some interesting visual appeal. Wood textures can be added in unexpected ways and in unexpected places to make a style statement in your kitchen space. 

Incorporating wood into home is an eco-conscious trend that has gained demand in recent years. Whether you desire to establish a rustic feel or simply blend modern materials with natural ones, you can use wood in many ways to make it both functional and aesthetically appealing in your cooking area. Read on for some creative ways to add unexpected wood textures into your kitchen design.

Create a perfectly cozy breakfast nook in your home with these design tips

A traditional dining room can feel too elaborate and fancy for everyday use. Switching to a cozy breakfast nook is a perfect way to create an informal oasis exclusively for brunching, for conducive to intimate conversations, or to simply enjoy a cup of coffee. No matter how you do your morning meal, a breakfast nook should be a warm and refreshing part of your home.

Whether you desire to keep it cozy, bold, or sleek and modern, here’s a set of design tips to take your dining set up to the next level. We bet even the reluctant morning risers won’t mind waking up to these views.

Transform your living space with these sectional sofa designs

A sofa is the most essential piece in your living space that sets the vibe. Whether you are looking to redecorate your living room or have a brand new living space to fill, you may want to consider adding a sectional sofa to your furniture collection. There’s nothing worse than hosting a party or a movie night with not enough seating. You don’t want your guests to end up on a dining chair, or at the edge of a seat, or even on the floor. Sectional sofas are a great way to fill up your space and provide ample area for seating. They look versatile and are available in different sizes and shapes to fit rooms of every size. Read on for some inspiring sectional sofa designs to lounge in style.

Can’t go on a vacation this time? Recreate the luxurious hotel vibe right at your home

Vacation is indeed an excellent way to refresh and relax. Besides, if you stop over at a luxury resort, resort spa, or relish the elegant bed and breakfast, you’ll also indulge in a lush living area and a splendid bathroom experience. Unfortunately, checking into a posh hotel or resort isn’t something that happens regularly for many and with the present pandemic scenario it is almost impossible to move out. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to move out or fork out a fortune on a vacation because we’ve got you some simple additions and tweaks to recreate the luxury hotel look right at your home.

Reasons to choose homes closer to the woods and with a forest view

Losing yourself in the forest while enjoying the sounds of birds and animals that live there, the air, the scents and the vegetation is truly an out of this world feeling. The birds chirping, the flowing fresh water trail, the lush green around, the gentle breeze and the gleaming rays of sun are sure to keep your stress away. But did you know that forests have some amazing health benefits for your mind and your body as well?

Forest bathing or simply forest therapy is a growing practice these days that refers to immersing yourself into the woods. This therapeutic technique allows you to experience nature’s magnificence with all your senses. Additionally, helping you relax, refuel, and take a break from stress, worries, and devices.

Well having said that, here’s why you should consider moving closer to the woods and think of owning a house with a forest view. 

How to go about designing a perfect indoor garden

Most of us dwell in overcrowded cities and towns craving for our own patch of natural green space. With the dearth of space for a garden, the trend of indoor gardening is on the rise especially amongst those living in apartments. Indoor gardens too can provide essential benefits to home living, ranging from aesthetics to health and productivity. However, your indoor garden may require certain conditions to make sure plants grow well and smoothly. These conditions may differ depending on the plant needs. Here’s a guide on how you can go about designing your magnificent indoor garden.