Wooden wardrobe designs for your urban Indian bedrooms

Your wardrobe is more than just a storage place for your clothes and accessories. It serves as an effective means of bedroom decor and helps keep your resting space clutter-free. When it comes to choosing a wardrobe design for your urban Indian bedroom, there are endless style option to choose from. If you’re the one who has become even more confused with so many options of wardrobe styles, we have compiled a guide to help you with everything related to a sleek and urban wardrobe.

Chair styles that can change the look of your home

We all have stopped appreciating the beautiful high chair displayed at the front of a furniture shop. Chairs are undoubtedly the centerpiece of every room if chosen right. If you find yourself struggling to understand the different types of chairs and which style would look good at your home, look no further! We are going to break down the different options of chairs you need to know about right away.

Spectacular water features for your indoor and outdoor spaces

Water always makes its way to create a fascinating factor in home designs. It’s an incredible and soothing element that can complement your indoor, outdoor or garden space. Though it is simpler to accomplish outdoor water features, you can also bring in some indoor water elements and give your home a resort style.

Relaxing sounds from the splash and ripple and the cooling gentle streams are sure to appeal your senses and calm your mind. Take a deep dive into these indoor and outdoor water features for some assured inspiration!

Give your home’s exterior a makeover: Paint the right

First impression is the last impression. This saying holds true even in case of a home’s exterior. People usually focus more on the interiors and often forget that it is the exteriors that give the first impression about a home and its owner’s personality. Thus, having a stunning and eye-catching house exterior is a significant element that will speak volumes and give a good impression.

If you are looking to give your home’s exterior an uplift, scroll and browse through these ideas.

Unique Christmas home décor ideas to bring in the holiday cheer

2020 has been a challenging year and it is quite evident that Christmas celebrations this year will be spent in the safety of our abode. With the Christmas feel that has started to float in the air, we’ve got some home décor ideas to help you find some joy this holiday season. Whether you prefer a traditional festive décor full of red, green and gold, or something more latest and trendy, our set of inspiration is sure to have an element that can deck your homes with festivity and merriment.

Checklist to make house-shifting convenient and comfortable

Moving into a new house is definitely an overwhelming experience. While making your move, you need to consider a wide variety of things to make your shifting convenient and worry free. 

From cleaning supplies to a toolbox, from bulbs to first aid kits, you need to ensure everything is intact before you shift. The process becomes a lot easier if you plan your essentials based on their function.

Here is a list of essentials to make your move-in stress-free: