Creative ways to spice up your dining room walls

Good food ensures good mood and so technically, your dining area too should contribute to uplifting your mood through its aesthetics. Your dining hall is a place of company, conversation and cuisine. From the comfort of the chairs to the richness of your dining table to the warmth of the lighting, every pick magnifies the dining experience. Similarly your dining walls too require special attention to enhance your space for a splendid dining. Here are some superb dining wall add-ons to make your dining room a favourite spot to dine and discuss.

Everything you need to know about container gardens

Container garden is an ultimate solution for those plant lovers who have very little or no outdoor space. Moreover if you are a renter, it’s definitely going to limit you in a few ways. Replacing those countertops that you hate or painting the walls as per your liking is clearly not a choice. However, you can think of transforming your space in little ways to create a pleasing and refreshing atmosphere. One such trick is having container gardens. Balconies, doorways, kitchen, living room, bathroom, rooftops, bedrooms or dining area – a plant container will not only make any space delightful but also bring you closer to nature. After all, who doesn’t wish to have fresh herbs sitting on the windowsill that you can pluck whenever you need them for your dishes.

Whether you are a beginner or simply have had limited success, our guide to container gardening has got you covered.

Creative DIY headboard ideas for a splendid bedroom

Planning up on new bedroom decorating ideas? Adding a headboard may be something you may want to consider. No matter the size, a headboard can have a significant impact on a room’s decor. When it comes to a headboard, you also have many possibilities. You can either attach one to the bed frame or directly mount it to the wall. As for design styles, there are oodles of options to choose from: rustic, midcentury, modern, farmhouse and more. Moreover you even have a choice for materials: wood, metal, fabric, etc. What’s more interesting? You can create your headboard according to your style. A headboard does not necessarily have to be a board, it can be a wall hanging, wall art, room divider or anything that suits your style. So basically you don’t require carpentry skills to create a headboard of your own.

Have we inspired you to DIY a headboard that’ll make for an ultimate nighttime oasis yet? Run through our DIY ideas and pick the one that suits your style, bedroom, and skill level.

A complete guide to kitchen layouts for your next remodel

Getting your kitchen right is an overriding factor to ensure you have a practical and functional kitchen. Planning a kitchen is undoubtedly a huge step and of course a huge investment. No matter the size of your kitchen area, a well-planned clever layout will help you in getting the most out of your available space. Read on for some inspiring popular kitchen layouts for the heart of your home.

Before we get started with the types of kitchen layouts that you could consider, here’s a stepwise guide to take into account while planning your kitchen. Firstly, select a shape or layout for your kitchen. Next up, evaluate and establish a work triangle. Lastly, take into consideration other features that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen.

Hanging chairs and swinging beds to add some fun to your space

Are you ready to shake off the monsoon blues? Why not swing them away instead? Sleeping in a soft bed is the most relaxing thing to do, especially on a cozy rainy day.  What’s even greater is swinging yourself to sleep, just like a cradle, but this one’s for adults too. Suspended furniture – such as hanging chairs, swings, hammocks are perfect for lounging and you can now have this luxury of a hanging bed or chair at the comfort of your home. So why not add a bit of fun to your interiors by installing some jhoolas in your home space? And if you are looking for inspiration? Hang around, we’ll swing you up.