Design Guide for a Stunning, Luxurious and Relaxing Outdoor Space

You don’t have to travel far to have an adventure, explore your backyard and you’ll want to enjoy your backyard this summer. With a few well-suited touches, you can relish a vacation right in your backyard. Whether you own a tiny patio or a lavish garden, upgrade your outdoor space and luxuriate with friends and family.

Check out these ideas to transform your simple deck, patio, lawn, or yard into a mind-blowing hangout.

Which is better – New or Resale property?

When purchasing a home, it’s common to reach a few stages where you need to make critical decisions. One such dilemma is whether to purchase a new home or opt for an existing one.

While it seems to be a simple yes or no question, both options come with their own set of pros and cons. New homes are flexible to your requirements and lifestyle needs, offering you customizable floor plans, smart appliances and curated furnishings. However, on the downhill, building everything from scratch can spike up your overhead costs.

Whereas, existing properties offer immense convenience, both in location as well as cost. But on the other hand, it’s difficult to secure an existing property of your choice as they’re readily bought by other interested buyers.

It’s important that you weigh in all the advantages and disadvantages before going ahead with your decision. We are listing out key considerations you need to undertake on times you find yourself looking for the correct choice.

5 Smart Home Devices that will leave you spellbound

Now that many of us are spending most of our time at home, you might just need a device to make your life simpler and interesting at home. Smart home devices are an indispensable part of a present-day home. Once installed, you can turn off your lights, play music or lock your doors with a simple touch or voice command.

There are dozens of devices available in the market to make your home more accessible and secure. With newer products and categories launching every week, you will have to make sure you purchase devices that are compatible with the gadgets you already own including your smartphones and tablets.

To help you build a technology-laden dream home, we have listed down devices that we count on to be the best smart home technology products.

Simple guide to accessorize your living room

Bonding with family, watching television, catching up with relatives and friends; the frequently ‘lived-in’ room is certainly one of the highlights of every house. It’s a space that everyone loves to display with the most precious and extravagant décor because that is the first room we all welcome our guest to.

The successfulness of any design hangs on to its minute details. Just as you put on your jewellery while getting dressed, adding accessories to your room complements the look. With that said, here’s a simple guide to take your living room from lovely to lavishly outstanding.

Luxurious Designs for an Extravagant Villa Entrance

Before we inspire you with ideas for an elegant and classy villa entrance, let’s have a look at how important the design of a property entrance is. What is the first thing you catch sight of when you visit any place? It’s definitely the entrance and an entrance to any home gives the first impression about its owner’s preferences and personality.

Whether a restaurant or your home, an entrance throws light on its identity, which suggests the importance of following precise and professional standards while designing them.

You may find abundant ways to garnish your entryway, but the choice of style and décor will hang on to the exterior flair of your villa. Here are some design ideas for a luxurious villa entrance. Grab your favourite design and bring in the wow effect to your villa entrances.

Things you can do to increase resident retention

To have a positive impact on resident retention in luxury apartments, events should be intentional and targeted. One of the important things to consider is the demographic of the resident and create events according to their specific interests. To help you get started here are a few ideas for luxury apartment resident events:

Must have security options for a luxury home

We all know that with a higher income comes greater security needs. Whether you own a luxury home or a steel building, security is a priority one should think about. With this busy lifestyle, everyone needs peace of mind that their home is safe and secured. With the latest advancements in technology, there are a variety of options available for securing your home. Here are a few shortlisted options one can opt for:

7 Steps for a Successful Private Villa group Vacation

A vacation to Goa is something we all look forward to and a vacation at a gorgeous private villa, with a million-dollar view is something we dream of. With exceptional views and stunning features, it is not surprising that a high-end private villa amid the sun, sand, and sea is the perfect vacation destination for a group.

But where to begin? How do we make this dream a reality? Here are some easy steps to help you plan your dream private villa vacation with your gang.

Wall art tips for your luxurious walls

Have you noticed your blank wall and felt like there’s something missing to it?

If so, you may want to bring your walls to life by adding the right décor essence to it. You may come across a variety of luxury artworks such as photographs, paintings, prints, etc; hanging any of these never fails to put on a visual charm to the wall.

Having said that, here are some wall art ideas to transform your wall once and for all.

5 simple steps to design a Perfect Home Library

“A house that has a library in it has a soul” – Plato

A little while of reading is all the therapy a person needs at times. While having a room exclusively for reading may seem like a luxury, all you need is a space with some basic elements such as natural lighting, sturdy shelves, and pleasant seating.

If you are a  passionate reader, owning a collection of books and are looking to have them displayed; here are some simple ways to build a library of your own at home.