Types of kitchen islands to fit every kitchen size

Posted : 16th Aug 2021

You might not recognize the number of options there are pertaining to kitchen islands. After all, how diverse can they be from one another, really? Well, we are here to familiarize you with different kitchen island types that differ widely from each other. From simple and affordable to complex and pricey to fixed islands to portable ones, there’s a kitchen island to accommodate every need. Irrespective of the kitchen island type you choose, ensure the placement is functional because even the best island won’t be helpful if placed awkwardly or is too huge for a space. 

Keep reading to know about various kitchen island styles and what really fits your requirement. 

The Rolling Cart Island

A rolling cart is the style of a transportable prep area that you can keep in your kitchen space but featuring it less prominently and permanently alongside the counters. These are affordable and might be moved easily to anywhere as per its necessity. However, there are chances its wheels may unlock, causing it to roll and hence placing a stopper would be advisable. 

The Mini Non-Portable Island

This kitchen island is the right pick for those dreaming of an island with a small kitchen. They serve as a perfect prep area, breakfast nook, or simply an informal dining area. Unlike the rolling island, these don’t slide away and are simple yet functional choices for a smaller space.

Fully Functional Island

This kitchen island can do everything that the primary countertops do. There is water, electricity, space, and drainage. However, the installation for this type of kitchen island is a costly affair. Moreover, you’ll have lines and wires running into and under the floor  for complete functioning. A fully functional kitchen island practically doubles your work space and adds great value to your kitchen.

Double-tiered Island

A kitchen island for cooking or for eating? It can’t really come to a conclusion, so it has decided to be both. This kitchen island style combines two roles making it a highly functional choice. However, you may notice an inconvenient division between the two levels, curbing the total preparation area. 

Circular Island

This island type is usually round, you’ll be able to choose from a full circle or a crescent. For the ones looking for a unique style, a circular kitchen island is what you were waiting for. This island design offers an outsized workspace and is spot-on for a bar-style seating. This kitchen island is bound to feature some personality and make your kitchen look extraordinary. 

So that was a list of different kitchen island styles to inspire you. We hope this guide helps you get started and select the right design style that suits your kitchen and needs. 

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