Reasons to settle and enjoy retirement in Goa

Posted : 7th Apr 2021

Most individuals visualize their retired life as an extended vacation and so investing in the right city is definitely important to live a comfortable and pleasant retired life. It is that part of an individual’s life when one may want to quit fast-paced city life and prefer a quiet and serene vicinity. 

The beaches, quality of lifestyle, cost of living, and the availability of natural resources have been drawing lots of foreigners as well as Indians to the land of sun, sand, and sea since a few years. Popular as one of the best places to retire, the sunshine state has a lot to offer, including the health benefits, culture, safety and thus making it a vibrant and friendly destination. In this blog post, you will find reasons to consider retiring on the beaches of Goa. 


Healthcare in Goa has immensely improved with huge brands setting up hospitals and offering state of the art facilities. Besides, Goa also has a number of elderly care services and home nurse agencies that provide special care based on the needs of the retirees and seniors.  

Quality of Life

Although it might be a bit expensive for an average Indian retiree, the quality of life here is ideal for pensioners. For the elderlies, it is always advisable to settle in the secluded and serene South Goa. The environment is quiet, safe, and pollution free. It has better healthcare facilities and has many seniors as well as retirees living, making it a great option with like-minded companions around. Moreover, there are a lot of options when it comes to buying or renting a house on a long and short term basis. 


Goa is blessed with a unique cultural blend of the east and the west. The fusion of Indian and Western culture makes Goa more appealing for those wanting to retire and settle. Though it has a noticeable influence of Christianity, people of all religions live here in peace and harmony.  If you are looking for rich culture and traditions, Goa is definitely the right pick for your retirement plans. 


The Goan culture is very evidently seen in its food styles as well. The cuisines here are a mix of Kokani, Portugese, and Brazalian food styles. Goa is the only place in India where beef and pork is widely consumed owing to the tourist demand. Seafood is another primary source of attraction in the state. From small beach shacks to luxurious fine dine, you can indulge and experience the variety of dishes almost anywhere in Goa. 

Breath-taking views and experiences

Sunsets, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, historic sightseeing, natural trials, hills, nightlife, water sports, shacks, music, and dance. Whether you wish to have a spectacular nightlife, or feel relaxed and satisfied on the beaches, or want to explore the lush green beauty, Goa has everything you need to spend a relaxing, stunning, and blissful extended vacation. 

Well, we’ve given you enough reasons as to why Goa is the perfect destination to spend your golden years of life. Besides, we are sure the culture and life here will definitely make you feel young even as you retire.

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