Pooja room designs to steal for your luxury residence

Posted : 22nd Mar 2021

These days there’s so much emphasis on emotional stability and mental wellbeing. Dedicating a few moments to yourself, to rejuvenate your mind and body from the routines of everyday life, would simply be a great stress buster to keep your mind in balance. Having said that, there is nothing more perfect than the traditional pooja and meditation rooms to serve the purpose. 

Small mandir or pooja rooms are a fundamental part of most Indian homes. Whether you own a luxurious home with ample space or dwell in apartments, we’ve got some pooja room design layouts for every space. Read on, your ultimate worship room could be one of these.

Dedicated pooja room

If you own a house with plentiful space, opt for a traditional dedicated pooja space. This layout gives an opportunity to try an ample amount of design styles. You can either keep it zen or bring back the traditional patterns of pillars and brackets. For a modern and luxurious look, try marble floorings and walls. 

Wall mounted units / shelves / cabinets

Those having space constraints, this design style will ensure you have a beautiful and elegant place of worship. You can install them in any corner of your living room or dining area. Go for a floating wooden shelf with some hanging diyas. For storage, add a wall mounted drawer to stock pooja materials or customize and place a trunk box to serve the purpose. For a contemporary and creative look, you can also think of adding wallpapers as a backdrop. 

Outdoor worship area

Outdoor worship space is a perfect definition of an ideal meditation spot. To make it less distracting you can also enclose the space. Have stone clad walls, grass, holy plants, and install the right lights for the evenings, your ideal worship area is all set. 

Marble pooja room

Though it involves high maintenance and cost, these are long lasting and showcase a rich and elegant look. Marbles go along with almost every decor and flooring patterns. The idols, accessories, ambient lighting, and marble, is sure to transmit the absolute tranquil vibes.

Modern worship rooms

Most homeowners these days prefer contemporary and modern style homes. Therefore, whether included in the dining area or the hall, it is necessary to ensure that the mandir room complements the style of the surroundings. Pooja room designs in glass is a popular trend that enhances the style of any space. Glass can be used on the door, shelves, or as a background panel. To make the look more enchanting you can also opt for coloured glass.

Decor Accessories

Though too many items should be avoided, it is always advisable to enrich the pooja room with appropriate accessories. Pick objects that are often found in pooja rooms like - brass pots and plates, bells, lamps, diyas, or  hanging diyas/lamps. Ensure that the accessories you choose blend well with the overall style and decor of your home. 

We hope you draw inspiration from these pooja room designs for the perfect sacred space to rejuvenate your body and soul. 

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