Perfect outdoor bar ideas to steal for your backyard

Posted : 13th Aug 2021

If you are someone who's looking to take your outdoor parties to the next level, you are at the right place. Whether an extension of your outdoor kitchen or a standalone feature, upgrading your backyard or garden space to an outdoor bar can make it your favourite hangout destination. Your outdoor bar can be as simple or fancy as you want and it can also be a buy-it or DIY-it, as per your interest and budget. 

Spending some time outdoors can be an instant stress-buster and there’s no better way to relish your evenings and holidays in a stylish atmosphere right out of your doors. Small backyards or huge garden areas, we’ve got you covered with stunning outdoor bar ideas to transform your home into your favourite staycation. 

A Backyard Pub

A pub theme bar is all you’ve been craving for. This outdoor bar hack is sure to make your buddies awe-struck. Opt for a dark colour ambience, with some tumbler, lamps, colourful light balls and statement sculpture pieces to bring in the pub vibes to your backyard. Add bar stools, classy beverages and glasses to complete your bar. 

Window Bar

This bar idea is ideal if you own an outdoor pool in your backyard. A suitable option to enjoy a relaxing drink after a swim. You can add a movable wooden board to the window that acts as a table when required and ultimately close it completely when not in use or while you are away. Equip your window bar with some single mini chairs that blend with your outdoor or indoor design. 

Outdoor Rooftop Bar

Can’t have an outdoor bar due to space limitations? We’ve got a trick for you as well. Have your own outdoor bar on your rooftop. Make use of your rooftop space to enjoy some laid-back drinks. Put on a high and sleeky bar table and complement it with some single high stools or chairs for seating. Keeping the space in mind you can opt for a DIY bar storage cart instead of a fancy display shelf. 

Ultimate Outdoor Lounge

If you are someone who owns a huge garden area and loves hosting, here’s an outdoor bar concept awaiting you. Create an impressive outdoor lounge where you can eat, drink, and dance all at once. Equip your bar with a pizza roaster or a BBQ set up to take care of the food, a drink machine and coolers for the beverage lovers, and a TV or music system to get your feet tapping. Beautify your lounge with comfy seating, bar accessories, spectacular lightings and we bet you and your amigos would never want to visit any other lounge. 

Temporary Outdoor Bar

You don’t need to have permanent outdoor bar fixtures, you can keep it temporary to use it as and when required. Create a temporary outdoor bar setup for your weekends or when you have guests coming over with rolling bar carts. With these, you also have an added benefit of moving them anywhere to serve your guests. Make your experience interesting by designing and creating DIY rolling bar carts using pipes, potting bench, wood decks, or by repurposing dining or coffee tables. 

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