Make every opportunity count! Invest in Goa

Posted : 7th May 2020

Goa tops the list when it comes to being the home to spectacular architecture, mesmerizing landscapes, serene ambience, and thick greenery all around. The city is known to have its own spirit that pulls Indians and foreigners alike towards itself throughout the year. However, very few know that this city has more to offer than lush green palm trees, clean sea, historical buildings and forests.

Goa has emerged as one of the favourite choices for the ones looking at buying a home. It has earned its place in the real estate hub, retirement home seekers and the ones wanting to earn a supplementary income by leasing out their houses in the sunshine paradise. Here are a few reasons that might shift your mind to considering Goa as the destination to your next dream home.

Plunging Economic Opportunities

For long, Goa has been considered as the retirement city for the rich and elderly. Well, that facade is on its revival, recently the state government has taken the charge to make Goa one of the preferred start-up destinations in India. And living up to its mark, the numbers have really started to speak for themselves. It has even been predicted that around 100 start-ups will set up their head offices here in the coming five years, which will drive employers and employees from all around, making Goa the realty hotbed.

Attracting foreign investments

There has been an evident rise in the number of realty and infrastructure investments from the foreign banks in the last decade. The reasons mapped being firstly, many NRIs want to hold on to their ancestral roots and secondly, many believe Goa would be one of the most promising and stable investments as far as property and rental returns are concerned. More than the ideal returns of 8 percent, some homeowners have been able to bag returns of a whopping 20 percent on their rental listings.

A wide option that suits all

The heartthrob of holiday destination, it’s not surprising that many don’t dare to own a piece of land here. But contrary to what is commonly believed, Goa has a wide variety of options for people hailing from all economies. One can own a piece of Goa in as less as lakhs to as rich as 30 crores- that makes this city hold welcome hands to everyone.

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