Ideas to give your home a vintage look

Posted : 14th May 2020

Everyone dreams of having a home of their own and once that dream comes true, we all wish to decorate it in our own style. Though we live in a modern world and prefer a modern touch in everything we do, there's always something pulling us back to the past. This feeling has led most of the old stuff making a comeback as a new fad.

So if you are planning to buy a house and wish to bring a vintage style to it, we have got you some ideas to give your residence a vintage touch. Have a look and try them to make your house stand out from the rest.

Let those suitcases travel you back

This is a very unique and most simple concept to knock-off the vintage look. Stack your old suitcases to make a coffee table, a laptop stand or turn them into suitcase shelves. The worn out trunks can also be utilized as an artefact or a nightstand when placed in the right way.

Deck up your old vases

Bring out the vases by painting them or adding some rustic element to give them an old-fashioned appearance. Place them in your sitting room on the tables or in the corners to make it look unique and vibrant.

Travel back in time

Hanging those old time clocks will definitely give your home a timeless look. We are sure these rustic clocks and pendulums will jog your memories of railway stations back in the early 90s.

Walk into the woods

Wooden crates are classic representations for an antique style. You can use them as a table or fix them on a wall to keep towels, blankets, or décor items in the front room. You can also add a cushion to the top and create a peculiar seating area.

Lit up your room

Decorate your room with elegant chandeliers or long stand-alone lamps for a 19th century look. Printed lamps and chandeliers are easily available in the market and you can purchase them to infuse a bright vintage style to your home.

Let the walls speak

Style your walls with black and white photos, ornate mirrors, and vintage frames. You could also have a wall decorated with vintage plates or old shutters to frame an art piece, adding a personal vintage touch to the interiors.

Other than the above mentioned concepts, you can also consider using antique pieces like a typewriter, antique rotary dial telephone, postcards, currencies, stamps, glass jars, potteries, hand bells, music boxes, or a gramophone to get that vintage charm in your home décor.

Old is definitely gold and we hope these simple ideas help you recreate the golden period without burning a hole in your pocket.

Whether you love antiques or wish to connect with the old style to rediscover yourself, as long as it is vintage, you can always experiment. However, while you decorate your house, don’t forget to follow the golden rule - live with what you love. 

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