Have an extra room? Here’s what you can use it for

Posted : 28th Mar 2021

Most homes have a spare room that is either kept for the future kids, a guest room which remains vacant most of the time,  a room for the servant or ultimately as a store room. 

Well, since our needs and preferences keep changing with time, having an extra space is more of a blessing. If you are wondering what can be done with that extra room, there's a lot that you can do to make it more enhancing and functional. 

Whether you have just moved into a bigger house, or your kids have grown up and moved out, or have a rarely used dining space; here are some ideas to consider and make the most of that extra space. 

Home Office

Working from home has become a necessity since the pandemic. With work from home becoming a trend, having a fully equipped office at home lets you work without distractions as well as ensures you have everything you need in one place. 

The Workout Room

Having a fully functional workout room or gym right at your home is all you’ll need to stay on top of your fitness goals. Explore the space you have and bring in the equipment that fits your space, whether it’s a punching bag, cardio machine or a treadmill. 

Create a Studio

Do you play an instrument or love music or are you an artist? Why not upgrade your spare room into a recording studio or a music room or a room to display your artwork? Put in your instruments, recording equipment, or place an easel or drafting table and other necessary gears. Have some cabinets for storage and bring in ideal furniture pieces or a couch to complete your studio. 

The Gaming Room or Kids Play Area

Convert your extra room into a gaming room with your favourite indoor activity or games. Bring in a large table for your board games, add shelves to store your games or put in the ping pong or foosball table. Another great option is to transform the room into a kids playroom. Kids of all ages love to play in a colourful and unique space that is designated just for them. Add small tables, chairs, cushions, beanbags, toys, books, and games; and your kid’s playroom is all ready!

The Morning Room

This room can be the one where you do your favourite morning routine. Whether it’s sipping a cup of tea or coffee, stretching , meditating or reading the newspaper. Keep the interiors simple with some floor cushions, mat, and throw pillows. Have light-controlled curtains to adjust the window lighting based on your mood. To make it more functional you can also set up a coffee or tea corner. Ensure you have enough space to place a table or an old pantry to keep a coffee maker or kettle and also storage facilities. 

Pets Room

Pet lovers, this may be your ideal pick. A room entirely dedicated to your pets is something you never realized you needed. Let your furry friend relish a private pet sanctuary. Don’t forget to include your pet’s favourite toys, sleeping pillows, food and water bowls. Make it more interesting with some pet-themed wall arts.

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