DIY floating shelf ideas to add some extravagance to your space

Posted : 17th Aug 2021

Floating shelves are a trending stylish solution in the design world. They are no sweat to install and hence are a great DIY pick for the art and craft lovers. In fact, a floating shelf can instantly elevate your room for storage without really purchasing a huge chunk of furniture. They don’t really demand much space,  any blank wall or even a corner, there’s a floating shelf idea for all over. Besides being functional, these add great style to your space. Not to mention, they add value to an otherwise blank wall. Read on to discover this smart trick to add some elegance to your storage space. 

Natural Wood Floating Shelf

Wood can go with anything and everything, you can put them in any of your rooms and they’ll just flaunt beauty. If you have a wall niche or alcove, you can transform the area to a creative floating shelf nook to show off your books and your artistic collections. 

Floating Hexagon Shelf

A great way to introduce some twist to those traditional vertical shelves. A hexagon shaped floating shelf is a unique idea to bring fascination to any space in your abode. We’re sure you’ll love every moment hand crafting them.

Bedside Floating BookShelf

This DIY floating bedside shelf will literally appear like it’s floating mid-air. Wondering how? Books are stacked one above the other in a way that you can’t really catch a glimpse of the anchors behind it. It’s modern and seemingly spectacular. You can have them in your kid’s room, bedroom or even the living room and we bet you are going to be obsessed with this design idea.

Floating Box Shelves

Though this one can go anywhere, we’d like to suggest you to have them in your bathroom. You no longer have to hang or throw off those towels. Devise two to three small stacks of box shelves, paint or use a material suiting your bathroom style. Use them to house your towels and toiletries.

The L-Shaped Floating Rack

These are the perfect floating shelves for your empty corners. Though they sound complicated, it’s a very simple task, all you’ll need is to install some couple of planks and racks and you’ll have a cute little corner to flaunt your knick-knacks.

Floating Hoop Shelf

A unique illustration of how you can pick something ordinary and transform it into an extraordinary element. Begin with creating dividers either horizontally or vertically, then wrap them with a DPI board or any material of your choice to create a floating hoop. 

Tiny Floating Triangles

Attach stacks of tiny triangles to your corner spaces to create a prettifying vignette. You can display your favourite tiny collections, place small indoor plants, small frames, etc. 

Whether you are a beginner or someone who loves keeping their creative brains busy, you can have these DIY floating shelves anywhere in your dwelling to create a stunning storage space that you’ll adore all time. 

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