Create a fun and fabulous play area for kids in your backyard with these ideas

Posted : 17th Aug 2021

Struggling to make your kids ditch those video games and soak up some fresh air? Give your kids an outdoor space where they can explore and have some good-time play. Playing outdoors and spending some quality time in nature is a necessary part of one’s childhood. Kids these days are forced to stay indoors and are left with technology or smartphones as part of their play and adventure. They need an exciting, engaging and enjoyable outdoor play area to attract and ensure hours of outdoor fun. 

Scroll down for some inspiring play area ideas to give your kid’s screens some heavy competition. 

DIY Climbing Structures

Kids love climbing. In fact, they start climbing onto everything on site from a toddler age. Create some DIY climbing units to engage this special skill that your children have. Go for simple climbing towers that you could make at home for the outdoor area like a climbing tire tower or ladder. For a tire tower, you’ll need some wood or metal rods to hold around four to five tires vertically to establish a tower. Similarly, you could create a tire ladder that can be attached to a swing for a fun climb up. Another interesting trick is developing a rock and rope climbing area. Use a wooden plank to secure some rock on one side and have a rope climbing structure attached to the other. 

DIY Swings

Not just kids, even adults are often fond of swings. You could design and develop your DIY jhoolas according to your preference, space, and materials available. A wooden plank or board, or even a tire can be used to create a perfect leisure for your kids. Additionally, you can also think of a platform swing for your kids to have some extra zing when they have their friends come over. 

Sand Play Area

You don’t really need to have a typical sand box. Create a natural sand play area by digging a small pit, place a large sheet and add ample amount of sand. This kid-friendly play area is an absolute hack where your kids can dig into the sand, build with it or mold it. Outfit this area with some basic sand toys like moulds, buckets, funnels, shovels or scoops for your little ones to have an ultimate set of fun. 

Let them get creative outdoors

Having a space where your kids can write, draw, paint, or make some music is absolutely a bonus. You can get those easel stands to your backyards and make arrangements for some semi-enclosed backyard rooms where your kids can spend time within nature, after all art and nature just go hand-in-hand. 

Bring them closer to the environment

Let your kids own a garden. Watching a seed grow into a plant is a unique learning experience that can even establish a sense of responsibility in your kids. Ensure you pick kids-friendly plants for your younger ones to grow and harvest. To make it a wonderful adventure, create a space that attracts butterflies and birds. Kids love watching these little creatures and all you’ll need to do is add some native flowers and plants, bird feeders, bird house, and a bird bath.

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