Beach House Interior Decor Ideas For Your Coastal Vacation Homes

Posted : 7th Apr 2021

There is something certainly appealing about a beach themed house. The charming coastal and nautical elements, the shades of ocean, and the airy space, instantly makes one feel relaxed and pleasant. 

Whether you own a coastal vacation house or simply dream of having a beach themed house, we’ve got you some stylish ideas to get all the ambiance of the beach without setting your foot outside your house. 

Nautical Stripes

Blue and white stripes is undoubtedly an easy and great start to a beach house decor. Add some beach style striped throw pillows to your beds or sofas. You can also go for a large woven striped rug for an elegant looking living area. A simple white and blue striped footstool is all you’ll need to add a little beach flair to any corner. For a coastal chic bedroom, layer your beddings with striped blankets, pillows, or curtains. Another great way is having striped walls to bring the coast indoors.

Natural Beach Elements

A sea is filled with natural components and so bringing in natural elements is sure to create the beach vibe into your space. Wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker bar stools or a classic hanging bamboo and wicker chair or an armchair are an impressive way to add a coastal feel to your space. Recycled objects found on seashores like driftwood are ideal for a beach themed house. You can hang them as wall art or use them as a base for a coffee table giving a modern coastal look.

Create a wall hanging or collage artwork with coconut shells and seashells for an ultimate beach style statement. You can put them on in your living area or at the entrance. You can also go for a DIY mirror made with oyster shells or pebbles.  

Beach Themed Accessories

Reinforce a bit of beach chic with attractive accessories. Opt for a boat sculpture, surfboard, sea life artwork, pebbles, seahorse or starfish sculpture, or hang a fishing net and attach a few shells and starfish to give your home a complete seaside ambience. You can also decorate your nightstand or coffee table with small bottles filled with sand and small seashells. 

Seagrass that is often found underneath the ocean is another common and beautiful way to add a touch of natural texture to your space. You can have a seagrass weaved headboard, basket, a rug, or even window blinds giving your space a perfect sea shack look. 

Beach Colours

When it comes to beach style decor colour - blue is the rule. Light, dark, navy, turquoise, sea foam, or even indigo, you can mix and match or use different patterns to give your home a modern coastal appeal. When we talk about colours it's not just the walls, use them in your furniture pieces, fabrics, cutleries, rugs, etc. 

However, if you find blue to be too common, you can still experience the beach feels with shades of sand, white, and green accents.  

We bet these decor ideas are sure to infuse your home with the lure of the beach and an overall serene vibe. 

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