A complete guide to building an above-ground swimming pool

Posted : 17th Aug 2021

Finding a solution to spending more time as a family, probably continuing to keep your kids or grandchildren active and busy, figuring out a way to chill out and unwind yourself, or maybe a technique to exercise? Well, we think taking a plunge into your new backyard pool could tackle them all. But how and where do you make a start from? We’re here to reduce your worries and guide you through the process. 

Understand how to select materials, gear up the site, establish the pool, fit the accessories and a lot more. We’re talking about above-ground pools, these offer everything that an in-ground pool can but with a far significant economy, installation pace and above all convenience. An in-ground pool is a costly affair taking up to approximately three months for project completion, whereas an above-ground pool can be assembled and be ready to use in as little as a day. 

So let’s get started!

Choose your type
Above-ground pools are available in three major types:

This pool type is low-priced and is the fastest to install. Inflatable pools are a great temporary option for those living on rent or cannot do any large changes to their property. However, these pools don’t last longer compared to other pool types.

Metal or Resin Frame: Metal or plastic frame pools depend on a framework to keep up the pool in place. Though slightly expensive, these can last longer than inflatable pools.

Rigid Walls: The rigid tough metal walls form the pool basin and a waterproof wall holds the water. This is the most expensive above-ground pool type but the most lasting as well.

Choose the size,  appearance and location
Size and shape are important elements that influence the overall cost and the maintenance of the pool. Scan through the space available in your yard to help you determine the ideal size of the pool. Coming to the shapes, above-ground pools are obtainable from small to large, round, rectangular or oval in shape. Choose a location closer to your home. Avoid having your pool under trees, power lines or too close to the house. 

DIY or a Contractor?
Once you choose your pool style, size, shape and site, deciding on doing it yourself or arranging a contractor should be your next step. Many times, DIY with family is a great choice, however, larger pools would definitely need some professional help. 

Preparing the base
The site you choose for the above-ground swimming pool should have a uniform level. Leveling the base for the pool is high-priority because even a slight variation can damage or collapse the pool. Opt for professional leveling services to ensure you have a flawless base prepared for the pool.

Hire an electrician to install a GFCI outlet close to your pool. Further, if you have decided to DIY, assemble the pool by following the instructions on the pool kit or let your contractor begin with the process. Once completed, install the pumps and filters, plug and test them. Post assembling, fill your pool with water using a garden hose. 

Your above-ground swimming pool is now all ready for you to take a dip and splash around.

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